Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wednesday Leftover Bento

Simple simple, easy bento. This new class is taking up TONS of time. It leaves little time to cook or exercise between work and school. I still managed to catch most of American Idol while prepping food and doing homework. The kitties are doing fine, and pretty much back to their normal selves.

Leftover Chicken Craisin over Rice in the lower box. Cheese cubes, Spanish Olives, and Cucumber slices in the top box. I cut out the evil seedy centers with a Japanese maple leaf cookie cutter to get the star like centers. I think I already miss not having goldfish in the box, but I have to mix things up just a little bit. Ciao~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tuesday Classic Bento

Felt like being a kid again, so I kept it simple. I guess thats what happens when you read a childs lunch cookbook T.T

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with a side of goldfish in the top box. Frozen tropical fruit in the second box; it's still frozen, that's why it looks funny. The lower box has celery with cream cheese and craisins. That's about it, see ya tomorrow~

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday Mole Bento

Today we have leftover mole enchiladas. I have been missing mole enchiladas since I moved to Ohio, but these were much spicier than I remembered them. The place back home was more mild and nuttier. These were homemade with mole sauce from the grocery store. My kitties did fine and are back home. The boy seemed completely unfazed by the experience, but the girl was reluctant to move much. We chalked that up to her's being a much more invasive surgery that his.

Anyways, the top box has mole enchiladas. The bottom box has black bean saute, corn muffin, goldfish,and a clementine. The black bean saute is in a little plastic dish swiped from Quizno's. They put out these perfect little lidded plastic cups on the condiment table so I always snag a few extra. In this case, I got tired of soggy goldfish, and put the moist dish in a lidded cup. I have no idea the calorie count on this, as the mole was a production and I have no idea how much of it I really used.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Craisin Chicken over Wild Rice

Title: Craisin Chicken over Wild Rice
Author: Kaede
Time To Cook (in minutes): 10
Tags: Dinner

10 oz. Can of Chicken Breast
1 Box of Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice
1/3 cup of Craisins

Cook rice according to package. While rice is cooking drain chicken. When rice is finished mix in can of chicken and craisins. Stir, and enjoy~!

Yields: 4

Last Bento of the Week!

Tomorrow my kitties get snipped, so I wanted to use my Rilakkuma (Relax Bear) box. I figured as frazzled as I am now over this, tomorrow I'll be needing a reminder to relax at lunch time. Yesterdays box was a little too much, I didn't even eat my sesame carrot salad. This also means, I'm tired of sesame carrot salad. So I used the last of it today and cooked up my standard quick fix meal, Craisin Chicken over Wild Rice (recipe to follow.)

Today's lunch contains: Clementine, Craisin chicken over wild rice, sesame carrot salad, and sho-yu tamago in a sea of baked goldfish. That's it for the week, see you again Monday~!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuesday Bento

Hurray! Three straight days of bento, well not counting the weekend. I found that when I work the later shift I am waaayyyy hungrier than when I work a normal shift, so today's box is a bit beefier. I only have one more day of bento this week since I took a few days off work to care for my kitties after their "special" six month surgeries. I was super lucky to have my sisters Christmas/ Birthday present be a shopping trip to BJ's. I kept my eye out for bento sized yummies and found these adorable chicken appetizers. Each one is made of chicken for the dish, with some kind of super yummy filling. While not entirely conducive to dieting, they cook in 1 minute and taste great!

Today we see the return of the Sesame Carrot Salad, some steamed broccoli, baked goldfish, Spanish olives, and soy sauce container in the lower box. A chicken bite, one of each flavor, in the middle box. Last but not least, shoyu tamago, and the last of the cucumber in the top box. Clocking in at 538 calories for lunch. While not great; I will not be starving an hour after lunch, calling my sweetie, and asking him have dinner ready when I get home. All while I drool into the receiver. Ciao for today~

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monday Bento!

Still working to cleanse the fridge of food that will go bad. I really dislike that the good stuff goes so quickly, it is hard for me to remember to use it. I also get tired of leftovers REALLY fast. My weekend went pretty well. I did a walk/run on Saturday, trying to get my body reconditioned into running. Then spend Sunday cursing the Saturday exertion. Anyways. I gave the Shoyu Tomago recipe a shot. Next time I'm going to ignore Julia Child and stick to my hard boiled egg recipe. Leaving them to sit for 10 minutes left the yokes not done enough for my taste. They were done, but looked VERY yellow and soft. I usually leave my eggs to sit for 20 minutes before cooling them. Oh well, you live you learn.

Today's lunch consists of korma (coconut) curry mixed with chicken, crackers, cucumbers, clementine, sesame carrot salad, and shoyu tomago (soy sauce egg) cut into two flowers. The little pink thing poking out of the top box is a container of soy sauce for the cucumber. I accidentally got some on them and it was yummy! I also slipped in a little white tasting spoon to spread the curry chicken. I used to go into Coldstone Creamery and just ask for a handful of the testing spoons when I worked next door. Now I have a bunch to wash and reuse or toss if the whim strikes me. All of this clocks in at about 407 calories, so I am in good shape to start the week. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bento Day 1!

Today I start blogging my bento's! My friend at work decided to start a big diet thing on January 2nd and here we are! I'm going for calorie control, so I know lots of stuff may not be healthy, but.... at least it's portioned and tasty. I'm also going to bring bento to work more this year to save some money. My new years goal was to pay off my credit card this year, and $7 lunches everyday does not help accomplish this. Now on to the good stuff!

Today we start with spicy beef empanada, clementine, carrot sesame salad, cucumber slices, and zesty Italian dressing in the container for dipping. If the cucumbers look weird it's because I cut the seedy middles out. I found that I dislike cucumbers because of the texture change soo.... I fixed it!

Thats it until Monday!