Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday Mole Bento

Today we have leftover mole enchiladas. I have been missing mole enchiladas since I moved to Ohio, but these were much spicier than I remembered them. The place back home was more mild and nuttier. These were homemade with mole sauce from the grocery store. My kitties did fine and are back home. The boy seemed completely unfazed by the experience, but the girl was reluctant to move much. We chalked that up to her's being a much more invasive surgery that his.

Anyways, the top box has mole enchiladas. The bottom box has black bean saute, corn muffin, goldfish,and a clementine. The black bean saute is in a little plastic dish swiped from Quizno's. They put out these perfect little lidded plastic cups on the condiment table so I always snag a few extra. In this case, I got tired of soggy goldfish, and put the moist dish in a lidded cup. I have no idea the calorie count on this, as the mole was a production and I have no idea how much of it I really used.

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