Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monday Bento!

Still working to cleanse the fridge of food that will go bad. I really dislike that the good stuff goes so quickly, it is hard for me to remember to use it. I also get tired of leftovers REALLY fast. My weekend went pretty well. I did a walk/run on Saturday, trying to get my body reconditioned into running. Then spend Sunday cursing the Saturday exertion. Anyways. I gave the Shoyu Tomago recipe a shot. Next time I'm going to ignore Julia Child and stick to my hard boiled egg recipe. Leaving them to sit for 10 minutes left the yokes not done enough for my taste. They were done, but looked VERY yellow and soft. I usually leave my eggs to sit for 20 minutes before cooling them. Oh well, you live you learn.

Today's lunch consists of korma (coconut) curry mixed with chicken, crackers, cucumbers, clementine, sesame carrot salad, and shoyu tomago (soy sauce egg) cut into two flowers. The little pink thing poking out of the top box is a container of soy sauce for the cucumber. I accidentally got some on them and it was yummy! I also slipped in a little white tasting spoon to spread the curry chicken. I used to go into Coldstone Creamery and just ask for a handful of the testing spoons when I worked next door. Now I have a bunch to wash and reuse or toss if the whim strikes me. All of this clocks in at about 407 calories, so I am in good shape to start the week. See you tomorrow!

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