Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuesday Bento

Hurray! Three straight days of bento, well not counting the weekend. I found that when I work the later shift I am waaayyyy hungrier than when I work a normal shift, so today's box is a bit beefier. I only have one more day of bento this week since I took a few days off work to care for my kitties after their "special" six month surgeries. I was super lucky to have my sisters Christmas/ Birthday present be a shopping trip to BJ's. I kept my eye out for bento sized yummies and found these adorable chicken appetizers. Each one is made of chicken for the dish, with some kind of super yummy filling. While not entirely conducive to dieting, they cook in 1 minute and taste great!

Today we see the return of the Sesame Carrot Salad, some steamed broccoli, baked goldfish, Spanish olives, and soy sauce container in the lower box. A chicken bite, one of each flavor, in the middle box. Last but not least, shoyu tamago, and the last of the cucumber in the top box. Clocking in at 538 calories for lunch. While not great; I will not be starving an hour after lunch, calling my sweetie, and asking him have dinner ready when I get home. All while I drool into the receiver. Ciao for today~

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