Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bento Day 1!

Today I start blogging my bento's! My friend at work decided to start a big diet thing on January 2nd and here we are! I'm going for calorie control, so I know lots of stuff may not be healthy, but.... at least it's portioned and tasty. I'm also going to bring bento to work more this year to save some money. My new years goal was to pay off my credit card this year, and $7 lunches everyday does not help accomplish this. Now on to the good stuff!

Today we start with spicy beef empanada, clementine, carrot sesame salad, cucumber slices, and zesty Italian dressing in the container for dipping. If the cucumbers look weird it's because I cut the seedy middles out. I found that I dislike cucumbers because of the texture change soo.... I fixed it!

Thats it until Monday!

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